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HVAC Business Loans For Good & Bad Credit - Heating & Air

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HVAC Business Loans For Good & Bad Credit - Heating & Air

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Securing the Best HVAC Loans

At mySMBscore, we partner with a network of top lenders that specialize in business loans. Accessible online, our lending partners can offer competitive offers with unparalleled convenience. Learn more about a few of our lending partners that can help HVAC companies obtain financing. 

  • OnDeck
  • Credibly
  • VFI

Lenders for HVAC Business equipment loans for bad credit:

If you have bad credit, finding the right lender that’s willing to work with you is key. While bad credit loans may not always be the preferred option, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Here are two lenders that may be willing to help HVAC business owners with less than perfect credit.

  1. OnDeck

OnDeck can offer HVAC loans up to $250,000 for qualified borrowers. With funding available in as little as the same business day, OnDeck is a great option if you’re in a hurry. Choose from a line of credit or term business loan with OnDeck. OnDeck has a minimum credit score requirement of 625, making them ideal for business owners with fair credit. Best known for fast funding, flexible qualifications, and streamlined processing, you can check offers from  OnDeck and other competitive lenders at mySMBscore

  1. Credibly 

Credibly offers HVAC business loans up to $250,000 with fixed APRs and repayment periods up to 24 months. While loans do come with an origination fee, Credibly offers several business lending products including term business loans, merchant cash advances, and business line of credit. Most applicants will need to provide proof of income and identification. Funds can be received in as little as 24 hours on approved loans. Check offers from Credibly and other top lenders at mySMBscore

Lenders for HVAC Business financing for bad credit

Getting a business loan for HVAC financing comes with challenges and high costs. Bad credit can be the result of holding too much debt, loan default in the past, or a combination of the two, amongst other factors. While borrowing money can help you grow your business while improving your personal and or business credit, it might not be worth it. Ultimately, it will be at the discretion of the business owner to determine if it’s worth it or not, and part of that will depend on if you can qualify. For bad credit business owners, finding the right lender to work with is critical. Some lenders have more lenient requirements which can work to the benefit of bad credit borrowers. If you need an HVAC loan with bad credit, consider checking offers with OnDeck. 

  • OnDeck: Best for short term business loans 
  • Minimum credit score requirement 625

We encourage business owners with bad credit to take steps to improve their personal and business financial position. At mySMBscore, we empower business owners with valuable insights and information to help them improve the financial well-being of their businesses. With a new perspective, you can understand how to increase your chance of qualifying for a business loan. 

Lenders for HVAC Business Equipment Loans

HVAC businesses need equipment to operate. For HVAC businesses that need an equipment loan, consider VFI. With loans up to $10 million dollars and APRs starting at just 8.99% VFI is a competitive player in the space of HVAC equipment financing. With years of expertise delivered, they are a valuable partner that can help you grow your business.

HVAC businesses can be a lucrative business venture, as comfort is key in the home or office. From labor to equipment though, business expenses can roll in causing cash flow dilemmas. HVAC financing is one solution to grow your HVAC business, as you may already know. So, how do you make HVAC financing work? How do you qualify for HVAC financing? And, most importantly, who can help you get an HVAC loan? Chill out as we help guide you through the process of getting an HVAC loan and how to receive competitive offers. Trust us when we say you have the upper hand in the financing process, no matter how much you want to borrow money. The lending business is just as, if not more, lucrative than your current or future HVAC business. 

What are HVAC business loans? 

HVAC business loans can come in different forms. A few examples of HVAC financing include:

In a nutshell, HVAC business loans provide funds to help businesses grow. Whether it be to overcome cash flow challenges, acquire office locations, advertise, purchase equipment, cover legal costs, or whatever the need may be, you can use financing. As a business grows, there’s often a delay in cash flow which can result in a business feeling stuck. However, even well-established HVAC companies can need financing. Before applying for financing, financially position your business to qualify with the help of mySMBscore. Additionally, invest time to consider the business needs and goals for the future.

How do you get financing for your HVAC business? 

There are several steps involved with preparing to get financing and actually getting the financing. While you may feel excited (or stressed) do your best to be present and take in the process. Afterall, borrowing money is a big business decision that can have significant impact, both positive and negative. You will want to understand what you are signing up for prior and carefully consider the short and long term impacts. The following steps can help you make educated business decisions to find an HVAC business loan.

#1. Define your needs

Determine how much you need to borrow the money for and how much you need to borrow. You should also consider what you can handle to repay and on what basis. 

#2. Explore different types of loans

From a business line of credit to a business term loan, there are several types of business loans available. Depending on your needs and qualifications, the type of loan that works best can vary. 

#3. Determine what you qualify for

When you apply for a business loan, the lender or source will likely consider your personal and business credit score. Investing time into checking both beforehand can help you prepare. It can also help you gauge what you might qualify for. To check your SMB (small-medium size business) credit score, visit mySMBscore. 

#4. Check offers

When you’re ready, check offers to find the business loan that works best for you and meets your needs. Keep your vision close to mind and pay close attention to finances as you make pertinent financial decisions. 

What credit score is needed for an HVAC business loan? 

Credit score requirements can vary depending on several factors. The type of loan, the lender, collateral or down payment, loan amount, repayment period, and so forth can also play a role in what the lender will require. 

Most lenders will evaluate personal and business credit scores, so you’ll want to prepare both. If you have bad credit, take action to boost your credit score before applying. Credit score can play a big role in whether your business, or you personally, qualify, but other factors can too. It’s important to understand what’s reasonable before applying. 

Most lenders prefer that personal credit scores are above 640, but requirements can vary. To learn more about a business credit score and what lenders you might qualify for, visit mySMBscore. 

Pros and cons of getting and HVAC business loan:


  • Access funding to grow your business
  • Improve cash flow
  • Opportunity to build credit 
  • Generate more revenue
  • Improve operations


Keep in mind that pros and cons can vary depending on the unique situation of your business. Consider taking some time to evaluate financials, goals, and needs to determine what pros and cons are specific to your business.

Can you get an HVAC business loan with no credit check? 

You might be able to retrieve offers with a soft or no credit check, but if a lender is willing to fund a loan with no credit check beware. There are some types of personal loans that don’t require a credit check, but often these come with high rates and very small amounts. If you are wanting to see if you qualify, but don’t want to impact your credit score, mySMBScore can help. 

What lenders offer loans for HVAC businesses?

While some lenders may exclude some industries from their wheelhouse, the HVAC industry is fairly safe. While your search for an HVAC loan may have led you here, keep in mind that an HVAC business is similar to other businesses. Therefore, some lenders may market to HVAC companies, but you really just need a general business loan product. Filter offers from these lenders and more at mySMBscore. . .

  • Fundation
  • Credibly
  • OnDeck
  • Fora Financial
  • Rapid Finance
  • Kapitus
  • Kickfurther 

Traditional banks and credit unions can also offer business loans for HVAC businesses but requirements may be more strict. Additionally, the process can take longer. The internet creates opportunity for consumers and business owners, and is becoming an increasingly popular place to find business loans. With more options, comes more opportunity. Put in the legwork and find the HVAC business loan to grow your business. 

How to compare HVAC business loans online:

  1. Visit mySMBscore 
  2. Filter offer results
  3. Receive personalized offers with no credit impact and no hassle

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