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Best Fast Small Business Loans: Options for Quick Cash

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  • Quick access to funds
  • Simple and fast application process
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Higher interest rates than traditional loans
  • Lower funding amounts
  • Shorter repayment terms

Best Fast Small Business Loans: Options for Quick Cash

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Best Quick Small Business Loans

Lenders for fast business loans:

Getting a loan fast means seizing opportunity and overcoming hurdles as a business owner. Some lenders can provide funds faster than others so understanding funding times before applying is helpful. Here are our top picks for fast business loans. 

Rapid Finance

  • Minimum credit score 620
  • Funding as soon as same business day 

With a wide variety of financial products available, Rapid Finance is both a direct lender as well as a source to connect business owners to better suited lenders. Thanks to a large network and plenty of options you can get the funding you need quickly, hence to the name. To explore your options, apply with Rapid Finance. Prepare yourself though, the convenience and speed may come at a cost. Rapid Finance does not list rates but may have higher rates than some competitors as a trade off for being able to fund loans quickly. 


  • Minimum credit score 600
  • Funding as soon as same business day 

Similar to Rapid Finance, Kapitus can offer a variety of lending products and fast funding. While they may have a low credit score requirement, they prefer to work with more established businesses with solid revenues. To apply you will need your three most recent bank statements and a few minutes of time. Once approved, you can get funding as soon as the same business day. Kapitus can offer invoice factoring, small business loans, equipment financing, and more. Requirements and funding times can vary depending on the type of product you choose. To find out what you qualify for you will need to apply as rates are not advertised online. 


  • Minimum credit score 600
  • Funding as soon as same business day 

Kickfurther offers a unique funding platform that helps small businesses get funding for inventory. With non dilutive solutions available, business owners can obtain the funds they need for an affordable cost without giving up control. One of the biggest perks of Kickfurther is the flexibility they offer. Get the funds you need for inventory and don’t repay until the inventory sells. Founded by an entrepreneur himself, Kickfurther is committed to solving the hurdles that small business owners face when it’s time to obtain funding. 

Lenders for fast business loans for bad credit

Bad credit can limit business owners on options for business loans. Here are our top picks for fast business loans for bad credit. 


Kapitus offers a variety of funding solutions, some with credit score requirements as low as 600. With a low credit score requirement and the ability to provide same day funding, Kapitus should be considered by business owners with bad credit.


Kickfurther specializes in funding for inventory at an affordable price. With a minimum credit score requirement of only 600, business owners with bad credit may be able to qualify if other requirements are met. Backing a loan with inventory or other collateral can increase your chance of qualifying with bad credit.

What is a fast business loan?

Fast business loans are a lending solution typically from an online bank that provides access to capital in as little as 24 hours. While they’re an excellent solution for those needing fast access to money, they usually come with higher interest rates and shorter loan terms. Fast business loans generally will fall into the category of invoice financing, term loans, business lines of credit, equipment financing, or merchant cash advances.

Fast Business Loan Lenders

  • Rapid Finance - Funding as soon as the same business day upon approval
  • Kapitus - Funding as soon as the next business day upon approval
  • Kickfurther Inventory Financing - Funding as soon as the next business day upon approval
  • Credibly - Funding may be same business day depending

How do you get a fast business loan with quick approval?

In order to get a fast business loan, you’ll usually need to find an online lender that offers quick approval decisions through a streamlined application. Since traditional banks can require more lengthy applications or have an in-person requirement, they typically cannot provide approvals as quickly as online lenders.

Using a platform like mySMBscore to shop around for rates to find the best option and compare business lenders is best. Part of your comparison can include funding times if you are in a hurry. Regardless of how quickly you need the funds, you should prioritize the cost of the loan. If a few days save you hundreds or thousands, it’s worth the wait. With the mySMBscore platform, you can find lenders that want to work with you based on personalized credit data, saving you time and money as you decide which lender is right for you. Plus, with an overview of your SMB score and its components, you’ll be able to make an educated decision. 

When to consider a fast business loan

Fast business loans are a great solution for business owners who suddenly face unexpected expenses or emergencies. Since they provide cash in as little as 24 hours, it can be helpful to consider a fast business loan if you’re faced with broken equipment, are presented with an investment opportunity or simply need extra cash to cover payroll and other immediate needs.

Fast business loans are also a great solution for borrowers unable to qualify for traditional financing or SBA loans. Since online lenders have more flexible requirements, they can be an alternative solution to the more traditional financing opportunities.

What are the types of quick business loans?

If you’re looking for access to cash quickly, consider these fast business loans:

Borrowers who are looking for a straightforward fixed loan can benefit from a short-term business loan. As one of the most popular types of business loans, many online lenders offer short-term loans with repayment periods under two years. Once you submit your application and are approved, you can receive funds as a lump sum in as little as a day or two and begin repaying the loan with a fixed interest rate, usually monthly.

Business lines of credit are a common way to get funding fast for your business. This revolving line of credit is a great option for those who need to borrow funds several times and don’t have a specific lump sum amount they need. Business lines of credit provide some of the quickest access to funds, with some banks offering access within hours of approval.

  • Alternative financing models

Aside from the more standard options, there are a few lending products that provide quick access to funds based on your company’s cash flow. These include merchant cash advances and invoice factoring.

Merchant cash advances give business owners a lump sum of money, which is repaid through a portion of their credit card sales. If businesses make a lot of credit card sales, they can quickly access this option. But it can also be expensive depending on the factor rate of the loan.

Invoice factoring is another popular alternative option that offers quick access to funds. Companies can sell their unpaid invoices to a third party, called a factoring company, which will then provide an advance of up to 90% of the amount owed.

What are the pros and cons of fast business loans?

If you need fast access to cash, there are some things to consider before taking a fast business loan.


  • Quick access to money - If emergencies pop up, the quickest way to get the capital you need is through a fast business loan. Once approved, many lenders can provide a transfer of funds within 24 hours.
  • Streamlined application - Since online lenders are the primary provider of fast business loans, applicants can benefit from a streamlined and straightforward online application.
  • Multiple lenders to choose from - Since fast business loans are a popular lending product, applicants have the benefit of shopping and comparing offers from various banks. This can provide a tailored experience based on the borrower's needs and ideal terms.


  • Higher interest rates - While you can get fast access to capital, you likely will have to pay more for it with higher interest rates. Make sure you carefully review all fees and interest rates to confirm you can afford the repayments. If you can afford to wait, maybe opt for a more standard-term loan with more competitive interest rates.
  • Faster repayments - Since most fast business loans only use short-term repayments, borrowers must repay the loan within one or two years. This can lead to higher monthly payments compared to a longer-term loan.
  • Smaller borrowing amounts - Lenders that offer fast business loans often limit the amount they’ll approve applicants for. If you need more than a few thousand dollars, you might not find a fast business loan that meets your requirement.

What are some tips for comparing fast business loans?

As you shop around for the best fast business loan, there are a few things to consider when picking the lender for you:

  • Customer service - Some lenders can prey on desperate borrowers who need quick access to capital by offering minimal or unresponsive customer service. It can be helpful to review lenders' public reviews to see what experience other borrowers have had.
  • Speed to funds - How fast do you need the funds? While most fast business lenders will get funds within three days, if you need it sooner, make sure you confirm with the bank their turnaround times.
  • Transparency- It can be alarming when lenders don’t outline exactly what their rates or fees are. If they’re not providing the details of the loan or repayment terms, you should be wary of moving forward.
  • Fees - Each lender will have different costs associated with borrowing money from them. Make sure to compare the fee structure from all of the lenders you're considering and read the fine print so you won’t miss any hidden fees.

How fast can I get a business loan?

While it depends on the type of loan you apply for, some online lenders can provide an approval decision on your loan and give access to funds in as little as 24 hours. As an applicant, you can speed up the process of getting a quick business loan by preparing all the documents needed for the application process.

How can I get an SBA loan approved fast?

While approvals for SBA loans can occur within five to ten days, it can take much longer to get the funding requested. Unlike online lenders, SBA loans utilize more traditional lending practices, with approvals taking up to 90 days. While borrowers will usually benefit from lower interest rates and fees, they also will have to wait longer to access their funding.

Can you get quick business loans for startups?

If your startup has been in business for at least six months and has a reliable cash flow, you can likely get approved for a quick business loan. But, most startups that aren’t established will have to apply for an SBA loan or a business credit card to access capital.

How long do business loans take to get approved?

The time it takes to get approved for a business loan will vary based on the lender and the type of loan you apply for. While some online banks can quickly approve and fund applications, more traditional banks can take several weeks due to a longer underwriting process.

Explore a fast business loan through an online lender if you need money within a few days. By utilizing mySMBscore, you can see customized loan offers designed just for you, saving you time and money as you shop for the best loan.

When should you consider alternatives to fast business loans?

While a fast business loan might be a borrowers-only option, there are some circumstances that warrant a different loan product. If you don’t need funding immediately, it can pay off to opt for a more standard loan option since fast business loans will have higher interest rates. Additionally, if there are other lending products you might qualify for - like SBA loans - you can also benefit from lower fees and interest rates, saving you money in the long run.

What is the easiest loan to get?

Often the easiest loan to apply for, qualify and obtain the funds for is from an online lender. Since they offer a tech-enabled application and seamless approval process, most applicants get their approval decision in just a few hours - with some lenders offering funds in as little as 24 hours.

Another option is an SBA express loan, which is a fast-turnaround-time loan from the Small Business Association that provides approvals within 36 hours.

Understanding your business finances through the eyes of a lender can help you understand what you realistically qualify for. With this knowledge, you can narrow down options faster and make better business decisions. At mySMBscore you can get your SMB score and actionable insights on how you can be better qualified to get a fast business loan. Always remember to slow down and make good decisions, even if you’re in a hurry. A bad business loan could be detrimental to your future success. 

Get fast approval and quick funding today, check out our offers.

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